NoSpray Fire Safety and Protection Systems
Protection of life at sea. SOLAS Regulation II-2/15.2.11/.12 . DNV certified

Innovative Manufacturing Europe Rotterdam

Dintelweg 99
3198 LB Europoort-Rt
The Netherlands






(+31)10 - 820 03 77

(+31)10 - 820 80 18
DNV certificate
ABS Type Approval Program Certificate
Lloyd's Register Approval Certificate
Certified by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)
Bureau Veritas certification
China Classification Society certification

Innovative Manufacturing Europe Rotterdam


PTR Holland B.V. Office


Innovative Manufacturing Europe Rotterdam is official and authorized reseller of NoSpray Protection Systems.

Innovative Manufacturing Europe Rotterdam delivers high quality products. Therefore all of our product are tested by different companies. These tests include our pilot- and embarkation ladders, lifeboat ladders, container floors and other products. Also we have received certificates for different kind of materials we use such as ropes, aluminium clamping sockets and our wooden, polymer and aluminium steps.

Our products are being tested constantly to offer you the highest possible quality products.

For information & sales, please contact

  • mr. Joris J. Stuip
  • mr. Cees Prins

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if necessary. Never hesitate to call.

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